Marketing services

Market Research

Markets throughout the world are turning highly competitive and this evolution has turned market research into an essential tool in determining the feasibility of any business strategy in a cycle that starts from launching a product/service, communication, ranges to pricing policy so on. We help our clients by conducting both quantitative & qualitative market research. For example we help clients in conducting surveys to determine what percentage of the population buys a particular product? More in-depth quantitative research can be used to identify markets and understand customer profiles – vital if our clients are launching a new product. Subsequently we conduct focus group discussions as a part of qualitative research in order to get feedback for a newly launched product. An in office desk research with existing surveys and business reports also helps us providing much information from industry organisations which in turn help our clients in determining market size, sales trends, customer profiles and competitor activity.

Strategic Marketing

Our experienced professionals provide a complete strategic marketing service for any size of business. We help organisations to achieve their objectives by providing services that range from offering advice at a strategic level and then combining marketing expertise with business acumen. To develop strategic marketing plans that can support our client’s goal we use our knowledge, expertise and experience to facilitate both employees & employers. Our experienced team members ensure that the strategic plans are realistic, achievable, and meet a client’s objectives. Future Now Group Inc use a mix of commercial know-how and marketing expertise to set strategic plans that express brand and marketing activity. Future Now Group Inc most of the times becomes an integral part of client’s business. Our out sources marketing department not only provides the strategy but also facilitates in execution, implementation and analysis of marketing activity. Whilst, for larger organisations, our team works closely with the marketing team to advice and support their strategic goals.


We assist clients from the creation of new brands to the revitalisation of already existing ones. Our team has the expertise to support you throughout from brand development to creation programmes around the globe.

We believe a strong brand either corporate or specific to a product or service is essential for the success of most of the organisations. Future Now Group Inc professionals are highly experienced in developing brands from conception to delivery and have excellent skills in communicating brand essence both internally and externally.

Over the time we have been working closely with our clients. In this tenure we analyse, consider, and recommend brand strategies to create new brands, effectively help organisations to improve awareness, develop perceptions, and increase their value from name to messaging and launch.

Corporate Identity

Our corporate professional’s excellence reflects in creative business cards, info graphics, outdoor & corporate signage. Our experienced team of graphic designers creatively provide cutting edge, high quality creative graphic designs that meet your business requirements. Our expert and award winning creative team is experienced in designing a range of custom design disciplines and provide our clients with high quality creative representation of their marketing tools, presentation materials, and collateral, both online and offline. We believe in creating such innovative designs that leaves a lasting impact of your company name.

Public Relation

At Future Now Group Inc our team members are passionate about influencing and creating an understanding with our target audiences. Future Now Group Inc is results-focused and ensures that it understands the issues within the work field, providing publicity, media relations, and broader PR support: offline, online, and face to face. We recommend the most effective PR strategies to achieve results and help meet our client’s objectives.

To achieve our targeted goals we work closely with in-house teams to ensure that public relation officials support all other efforts and provide consistent messages that correlate with your other marketing activities. Future Now Group Inc understands that building good PR isn’t just about gaining media coverage but it’s about targeting the audience our clients wish to communicate with in an appropriate way. WE also help our clients in identifying the key stakeholders. And most of the times we first become good listeners and listen to what our clients expect from us, than we suggest them good PR strategy whether that’s through seminars, round table discussions, conferences, focus groups, or experiential activities. We support our client’s communication needs ranging from strategic planning to tactical campaigns both externally and internally.

Email Marketing

Constant contact through Email is a great way to communicate with customers – both existing and potential ones. According to a recent survey there are 3 times more email accounts than there are Facebook & Twitter accounts. The reasons for which we choose to work on this area are; firstly 90% of Emails will be delivered to intended recipient’s inbox. Secondly, the email subscriber has already explicitly told what they want to hear when they first signed up for our client’s email. Thirdly, when it comes down to delivering highly personalised and confidential message there isn’t a more powerful channel other than Email.

Social Media Marketing

Since Past five years we have strongly worked on using the social media as a key marketing tool for most of the businesses. However, it becomes result oriented only with the development of right strategy and its power to engage audience though a good content. Our social media marketers work with our clients to deliver social media strategies which meet their goals, determine the right mix of channels, content and activity to engage, interact and promote the product to targeted audiences.

Our social media marketing department believes that effective social media marketing provides a range of benefits including customer interaction, brand awareness, community building, search engine optimization benefits, lead generation and change perceptions.

Content Writing/Marketing

Our specialist team at Future Now Group Inc earns trust & credibility of clients by producing and distributing relevant, reliable and consistent content in the form of blogs, videos, and podcasts through a variety of channels which helps to retain their targeted audience. In the process of creating relevant & reliable content we consider to work on generating cornerstone content, blog content, data visualizing projects and copy write services.

Video Animation

Whether internal or external, promotional or educational, videos and animations are proved to be one of the most effective marketing tools. Videos or animated videos facilitate organisations to engage their audience for a variety of reasons. Video helps businesses to explain and show their products and services or provide interesting and informative content to encourage customer interaction. No matter if it is developed for internal or external purposes, video and animation can really bring a campaign, brand, or product to life. Future Now Group Inc offer a complete range of video services to our valuable clients, from creative development to script writing and production, as well as multilingual and personalised options.

Marketing/Business Plan Preparation

In today’s very competitive market place we provide you a strategy that ensures a consistent approach to our clients to outsell their product or service. We assist our clients in following regimes to excel in their business.

  • In describing their target market& its characteristics alongside size of each market segment; reviewing key market trends.
  • Future Now Group Inc helps them in researching customer preferences. Such as product features, quality, and image or customer service.
  • In comparing the variety of distribution channels for reaching customers (eg direct sales, online or through retailers).
  • We Profile our client’s competitors and analyse what they’re offering.
  • We carry out a SWOT analysis to identify other key factors influencing our client’s business
  • We help our clients to review the effectiveness of their previous marketing initiatives.
  • We assess the profitability and sales potential of different customers & market segments.
  • We help clients to set specific objectives in retaining existing customers, increasing order size or selling new products in order to win new customers.

We help them in pricing strategy and direct them to distribution channels.